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Please Note: The most current pricing will always be that which is listed on this website within the product pages.  The price list is typically updated on a bi-monthly basis.

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Dealer Price List Changes LOG:


4/10/2019 Shuttle Pod/Shuttle Pod Mini Cheeseplate insert (CS1055) discontinued
4/10/2019 Name Change for SKU# MG1066 to Kessler Universal Cheeseplate
6/21/2019 KillShock Mini items added (SKU's MG1080- MG1082)
7/8/2019 AutoCam 360 MiniTT base systems added (AC360-MINI1001 &AC360-MINI1002)
8/8/2019 Price increase on SS Controller (SS1001) and Second Shooter Bundles (SS2001,SS2002,SS2003)
9/6/2019 KillShock to Black Arm Adapter added (MG1083)
1/16/2020 KillShock ATP Products added (MG1084 & MG1086)
1/16/2020 Mag Max items added (BP1011 & BP1012)


5/31/17 CD1017 Updated to 6ft length of cable
6/15/17 CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor V2 Discontinued (CD1032) - replaced by CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor V3 - CD1057
Second Shooter FIZ Add on Kit Discontinued (SS2CD2-FIZ) - replaced by Second Shooter FIZ Motor V3 Add on Kit - SS2CD2-FIZV3
6/15/17 CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor V3 (CD1057) Added
6/15/17 Second Shooter FIZ Motor V3 Add on Kit (SS2CD2-FIZV3) Added
6/16/17 Pricing increase applied to Shuttle Dolly Base Kit (CS1101)
Fixed Length Camera Sliders and TLS Base Kit will have Flat Mount Adapters included moving forward and their pricing has been increased by $20.00 to reflect this
6/2017 Product Information Sheet Added and is being filled as quickly as possible
7/20/17 CS1088 - Parallax Soft Case 5ft Discontinued
9/12/17 CS1065 - Parallax Soft Case 3ft Discontinued
10/17/17 Rev2 Head (MC1003 & MC1032 Discontinued
10/26/17 Parallax Soft Cases for 5 &3ft Discontinued (CS1088 & CS1065 )
10/30/2017 Sale pricing applied to SS1001
1/17/2018 TH1009 Discontinued
4/20/2018 SS2003, SS2002, & SS2001 sale price corrected
5/1/2018 Digital Jog Control for CineDrive - MC1060 added
5/1/2018 Digital Jog Control for Second Shooter Plus - MC1061 added
5/1/2018 15mm Motor Offset "Dogbone" Bracket -CD1058 added
5/1/2018 12 ft. Crane Upgrade (Mid Section) - T-bar - CJ1021 -discontinued
5/1/2018 Bundles/Kits Broken Down to SKU Numbers sheet updated
6/20/2018 Pricing increase applied to CJ1031, CS1040, CS1041, CJ1036, TH1018
6/27/2018 Kwik Rail Leg System rail length variants added (CS1127, CS1128)
7/31/2018 KillShock Items added
7/31/2018 Kwik Rail Soft Roll Case (CS1123) added
8/15/2018 Products including 21" Kwik Rail have been discontinued
12/5/2018 Kessler Lamprey (MG1072) Added
12/5/2018 24" Kwik Leg Rail (CS1129) Added
12/5/2018 correct incorrect pricing on duplicate listings of MC1014 and MC1015
1/2/2019 MG1015 removed from active products, purchase MG1013 & MG1014 individually to purchase this SKU
1/23/19 MG1072 updated to 8" Kessler Lamprey and MG1073 10" Kessler Lamprey Added
2/18/19 Corrected incorrect pricing on CJ1032
3/26/2019 CD1030 Red Epic Trigger Cable discontinued
4/8/2019 KillShock Matte Black Extreme Heavy Duty Shock Modules added
4/8/2019 KillShock 12" Suction Base (MG1074) Added



- Pricing Corrected on Second SHooter Tilt Axis and Second Shooter Pan Axis (SS1003, SS1005)

- Added Kwik Rail Products

- Updated missing box sizes and weights

- Added Second Shooter Pan & Tilt Head with High Speed Pan Axis (SS2010)

- Added LANC Trigger Cable (MC1055)

- Added Second Shooter High-Speed Pan Axis (SS1015)

- Oracle Controller Discontinued

- 24" Kwik Rail Backordered

- Items including 42" Kwik Rail noted as limited quantities available

- Added 6" Extension Kit for Kessler Rises (MG1038)

- Added 6" Shuttle Dolly Riser with 100mm Bowl (MG1037)

- Gimbal Accessories Second Added

- Added Kwik Plate Adapter for  MōVI PRO  

- Addded Kwik Plate Adapter for MōVI M5

- Added Kessler Dovetail for Freefly Pop-N-Lock Quick Release


- Updated Compatibility Notes on Ridgid slider cases

-Updated size and weight details for many products

-Price increased on TLS Base Kits (MC1047 & MC1048)

-10ft & 20 Ft Bridge Cables Added (MC1051 & MC1052)

-Drag Module for Shuttle Pod/Shuttle Dolly (CS1107) Added

-K-Flex to Shuttle Dolly Conversion Kit (CS1110) Added

-Shuttle Dolly Hard Case (CS1114) Added

-CineDrive Terminator (CD1055) Added

-TLS Base Kit With Second Shooter Plus Controller (MC1053) Added

-K-Plate with 8" Rod Set Kit breakdown added to breakdown by SKU numbers

-Kwik Stand, Kwik Stand Mini, and Kwik Stand XL Plates Added (MG1031, MG1032, MG1033)

-Digital Rev Head (MC1050) Added

- Kessler ION Battery (BP1001) Discontinued

-Kwik Stand 15mm Rod Adapter, Kwik Stand 15mm Rod Adapter Height Adjustment Bracket, and Kwik Stand 15mm Rod Adapter w/Height Adjustment Bracket Kit (MG1034, MG1035, MG1036) Added



- Second Shooter High Speed 50:1 Pan Axis (SS1015) Added

-Second Shooter Plus Controller, and 1,2,3 axis systems Added

-Pricing and description updated on Shuttle Pod Motor Mount (MC1014)

-SKU# corrected on Shuttle Pod Belt Upgrade -12ft (CS1067)

-Pricing and despription updated on Shuttle Pod Mini Motor Mount (MC1015)

-Description updated on Shuttle Dolly Motor Mount

-Shuttle Dolly Center Support SKU CS1106 Discontinued

-Stealth Soft Case (Standard) Discontinued

-New Shuttle Dolly Center Support SKU's added (CS1111, CS1112)


- Price increase on CS1045, K-Flex Case to $199.95

-Parallax Soft Cases (CS1088, CS1065, CS1066) Added

-Shuttle Dolly Items Added

-Pocket Dolly V2 Brake (CS1018) Discontinued

-Kessler Slider Mitchell Mount Adapter (MG1030) Added

-Kessler Mitchell Castle Nut Wrench (MG1029) Added

-K-Pod 100mm Bowl Adapter for 6" Mitchell Camera Riser (MG1027) Added

-Kessler 6" Mitchell Camera Riser (MG1025) Added

- 3/8"-16 to Female Baby / Male Junior Pin Adapter (MG1028) Added


-MG1026 & MC1046 added to list

-MC1029 Product Title Updated (compatible with both Oravle and Digital Control Center)

-Sheet added with links to knowledge base

-CD1048 discontinued

-Motion Control Hard Case (MC1049) Added


-Update titles for CS1001, CS1002, & CS1003

-MC1041 removed from dealer price list

-MG1019, MG1020, & MC1039 added to list


-List Price for SS2005 corrected


-Discontinued items moved to separate sheet

-TLS items added

-Second Shooter F.I.Z. Add-On Kit Added

-Kit Breakdowns added as separate sheet


-Stealth Soft Case (Traveler) CS1043 Discontinued

- 8" Male/Female 15mm Rods Added (MG1024)

-Second Shooter D-Tap to 12v DC Marrel Adapter Cable (SS1009) Added


-Pricing reduced on Parallax


-TruCoast Precision Flywheel Added (CS1092, CS1093)


-Stealth Carbon Sliders Discontinued (CS1060, CS1061, CS1062)

-Camera Control Extension Cable (MC1036) Added


-Updated Parallax items to reflect that regular units work with Carbon Fiber sliders/ are no long individual SKU numbers


-Pricing corrected on Pocket Jib Traveler (CJ1013) to reflect reduction previously in place


-Price Reduced on CD1032


-Kwik Short Plate 1/4"-20 (MG1003) Discontinued


-Pocket Dolly Soft Case - Standard Length (CS1039) Discontinued

-BASIC Controller (MC1005) Discontinued


- CineSlider/ Stealth Crank Handle Added (CS1082)

-HD Angle Plate (without swivel) Added (MG1023)

-CineDrive Brain Cage Added (CD1051)


- Second Shooter Dual Controller Mount Added (SS1010)


-Rigid Slider Cases added (CS1089 & CS1090)


- Name of Pocket Dolly items updated to Pocket Dolly 3
- HD Angle Plate MG1022 Added to pricelist


- Correct SKU number for Second Shooter Pan/Tilt Head
- Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Kits removed- discontinued items
- Update Crane selections
- Add MagPak Battery (BP1009)
- Add Second Shooter Bridge Cable
- Add Second Shooter F.I.Z. Adapter Cable


- Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Kits no longer offered with All-Terrain version of outrigger Feet. 
- The following SKUs are no longer available CS2031,CS2032,CS2033,CS2034,CS2035, CS2036,CS2040,CS2041,CS2042
- correct discounted pricing on MG1017


- Correct Pricing on Pocket Dolly Cases (CS1039, CS1038)


- Pricing reduced on MC1004
- Revolution Head (MC1001) Discontinued - no longer available
- Sale Pricing enacted on Rev 2 (MC1003, MC1032)
- Sale Pricing enacted on CS1050, CS1051, CS1016


- Pricing corrected on CS1013, CS1051
- Princing corrected on CS1011, CS1050
- Adjusted Pricing on CD1043/ Added CD1043S & CD1043F
- SS1008 Added
- MC1040, MC1041 Added
- Available weights and measurements added to pricelist


- Price reduced on CS1012. CS1013, CS1051


- CineDrive items opened up to dealers/added to pricelist
- Removed delay notice for Second Shooter items as items are now in full production
- 5ft Parallax added


- Update pricing on CS1024 to reflect that Cross Brace is not included


- Finalize new list