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Please Note: The most current pricing will alwyas be that which is listed on this website within the product pages.  The price list is typically updated on a bi-monthly basis.

Please email us at dealers@kesslercrane.com if you have any questions.



Dealer Price List Changes LOG:


- Pricing Corrected on Second SHooter Tilt Axis and Second Shooter Pan Axis (SS1003, SS1005)

- Added Kwik Rail Products

- Updated missing box sizes and weights

- Added Second Shooter Pan & Tilt Head with High Speed Pan Axis (SS2010)

- Added LANC Trigger Cable (MC1055)

- Added Second Shooter High-Speed Pan Axis (SS1015)

- Oracle Controller Discontinued

- 24" Kwik Rail Backordered

- Items including 42" Kwik Rail noted as limited quantities available

- Added 6" Extension Kit for Kessler Rises (MG1038)

- Added 6" Shuttle Dolly Riser with 100mm Bowl (MG1037)

- Gimbal Accessories Second Added

- Added Kwik Plate Adapter for  MōVI PRO  

- Addded Kwik Plate Adapter for MōVI M5

- Added Kessler Dovetail for Freefly Pop-N-Lock Quick Release


- Updated Compatibility Notes on Ridgid slider cases

-Updated size and weight details for many products

-Price increased on TLS Base Kits (MC1047 & MC1048)

-10ft & 20 Ft Bridge Cables Added (MC1051 & MC1052)

-Drag Module for Shuttle Pod/Shuttle Dolly (CS1107) Added

-K-Flex to Shuttle Dolly Conversion Kit (CS1110) Added

-Shuttle Dolly Hard Case (CS1114) Added

-CineDrive Terminator (CD1055) Added

-TLS Base Kit With Second Shooter Plus Controller (MC1053) Added

-K-Plate with 8" Rod Set Kit breakdown added to breakdown by SKU numbers

-Kwik Stand, Kwik Stand Mini, and Kwik Stand XL Plates Added (MG1031, MG1032, MG1033)

-Digital Rev Head (MC1050) Added

- Kessler ION Battery (BP1001) Discontinued

-Kwik Stand 15mm Rod Adapter, Kwik Stand 15mm Rod Adapter Height Adjustment Bracket, and Kwik Stand 15mm Rod Adapter w/Height Adjustment Bracket Kit (MG1034, MG1035, MG1036) Added



- Second Shooter High Speed 50:1 Pan Axis (SS1015) Added

-Second Shooter Plus Controller, and 1,2,3 axis systems Added

-Pricing and description updated on Shuttle Pod Motor Mount (MC1014)

-SKU# corrected on Shuttle Pod Belt Upgrade -12ft (CS1067)

-Pricing and despription updated on Shuttle Pod Mini Motor Mount (MC1015)

-Description updated on Shuttle Dolly Motor Mount

-Shuttle Dolly Center Support SKU CS1106 Discontinued

-Stealth Soft Case (Standard) Discontinued

-New Shuttle Dolly Center Support SKU's added (CS1111, CS1112)


- Price increase on CS1045, K-Flex Case to $199.95

-Parallax Soft Cases (CS1088, CS1065, CS1066) Added

-Shuttle Dolly Items Added

-Pocket Dolly V2 Brake (CS1018) Discontinued

-Kessler Slider Mitchell Mount Adapter (MG1030) Added

-Kessler Mitchell Castle Nut Wrench (MG1029) Added

-K-Pod 100mm Bowl Adapter for 6" Mitchell Camera Riser (MG1027) Added

-Kessler 6" Mitchell Camera Riser (MG1025) Added

- 3/8"-16 to Female Baby / Male Junior Pin Adapter (MG1028) Added


-MG1026 & MC1046 added to list

-MC1029 Product Title Updated (compatible with both Oravle and Digital Control Center)

-Sheet added with links to knowledge base

-CD1048 discontinued

-Motion Control Hard Case (MC1049) Added


-Update titles for CS1001, CS1002, & CS1003

-MC1041 removed from dealer price list

-MG1019, MG1020, & MC1039 added to list


-List Price for SS2005 corrected


-Discontinued items moved to separate sheet

-TLS items added

-Second Shooter F.I.Z. Add-On Kit Added

-Kit Breakdowns added as separate sheet


-Stealth Soft Case (Traveler) CS1043 Discontinued

- 8" Male/Female 15mm Rods Added (MG1024)

-Second Shooter D-Tap to 12v DC Marrel Adapter Cable (SS1009) Added


-Pricing reduced on Parallax


-TruCoast Precision Flywheel Added (CS1092, CS1093)


-Stealth Carbon Sliders Discontinued (CS1060, CS1061, CS1062)

-Camera Control Extension Cable (MC1036) Added


-Updated Parallax items to reflect that regular units work with Carbon Fiber sliders/ are no long individual SKU numbers


-Pricing corrected on Pocket Jib Traveler (CJ1013) to reflect reduction previously in place


-Price Reduced on CD1032


-Kwik Short Plate 1/4"-20 (MG1003) Discontinued


-Pocket Dolly Soft Case - Standard Length (CS1039) Discontinued

-BASIC Controller (MC1005) Discontinued


- CineSlider/ Stealth Crank Handle Added (CS1082)

-HD Angle Plate (without swivel) Added (MG1023)

-CineDrive Brain Cage Added (CD1051)


- Second Shooter Dual Controller Mount Added (SS1010)


-Rigid Slider Cases added (CS1089 & CS1090)


- Name of Pocket Dolly items updated to Pocket Dolly 3
- HD Angle Plate MG1022 Added to pricelist


- Correct SKU number for Second Shooter Pan/Tilt Head
- Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Kits removed- discontinued items
- Update Crane selections
- Add MagPak Battery (BP1009)
- Add Second Shooter Bridge Cable
- Add Second Shooter F.I.Z. Adapter Cable


- Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Kits no longer offered with All-Terrain version of outrigger Feet. 
- The following SKUs are no longer available CS2031,CS2032,CS2033,CS2034,CS2035, CS2036,CS2040,CS2041,CS2042
- correct discounted pricing on MG1017


- Correct Pricing on Pocket Dolly Cases (CS1039, CS1038)


- Pricing reduced on MC1004
- Revolution Head (MC1001) Discontinued - no longer available
- Sale Pricing enacted on Rev 2 (MC1003, MC1032)
- Sale Pricing enacted on CS1050, CS1051, CS1016


- Pricing corrected on CS1013, CS1051
- Princing corrected on CS1011, CS1050
- Adjusted Pricing on CD1043/ Added CD1043S & CD1043F
- SS1008 Added
- MC1040, MC1041 Added
- Available weights and measurements added to pricelist


- Price reduced on CS1012. CS1013, CS1051


- CineDrive items opened up to dealers/added to pricelist
- Removed delay notice for Second Shooter items as items are now in full production
- 5ft Parallax added


- Update pricing on CS1024 to reflect that Cross Brace is not included


- Finalize new list